The Natural Systems Institute


Natural Systems Philosophy
            Applied to the Diverse Issues and Disorders of Our Culture
               by Edwin L. Young, PhD

    To some, at first sight, the essays and expositions below might seem like a large collection of stand-alone topics.  In fact, all of them taken together are expressions of the “Natural Systems” philosophy.  That is to say, all items are a part of an integrated whole.  The point of the ‘whole' of "Natural Systems" is to get people to make a paradigm shift toward seeing the world in terms of integrated structures and systems.  Instead of seeing or focusing on separate, fragmented, compartmentalized institutions, or organizations, "Natural Systems", at the highest level of external structures and systems, focuses on a society or culture as a whole.  There can be several or many levels of external structures and systems, depending upon the purpose of the analyst.  When focusing on any one aspect of any level of structure or system separately, the reader is directed next to try to see this structure in relation to others on a higher level and in relation to those on lower levels as well. 

    Particularly, this paradigm shift entails a shift away from analyzing or relating to the world simply from a person-centric point of view, as has been done for all previous millennia, toward a structure-centric perspective.  Most importantly, that structure-centric perspective in "Natural Systems" entails seeing the world as an integration of the structures and systems of the external world with the internal structures and processes of the singular, individual, person. 

    Taken together, I have labeled these two juxtaposed figures, the external structures and the internal structures and processes, the "Duplex Pyramids.”  The "Duplex Pyramids" is the logo of Natural Systems.  This logo has one pyramid on the bottom, representing the internal structures and processes of the individual.  Above the bottom pyramid, an inverted pyramid represents the external structures and systems of the world.  To see the world in this holistic manner means becoming able to see and understand how these two dimensions are integrated and how they interact. 

    Of course, "Natural Systems" still involves taking into consideration how the singular individual has or can have an impact on the external structures and systems of their world.  However, that emphasis must include, rather the emphasis must be supplanted by, a focus on the external structures and systems of the world.  We must try to determine how they shape the person.  Furthermore, "Natural Systems" emphasizes how we can and should change the external structures and systems in such a way as to promote the growth of persons toward greater health and higher levels of maturity.

    The ultimate purpose of "Natural Systems" is to discover how we can break the ossified, once successful and now deadly, interlocking, systems of institutions that comprise an entire culture, particularly our own.  These ossified and deadly structures and systems of the world now, more than ever, are destructive to the earth, its natural environment, to our way of life, the quality of life of all people and creatures, and to the very survival of all individual persons and all life inhabiting the entire planet.  "Natural Systems" hopes to begin to reverse these deadly, the destructive trends of these structures and systems and replace them with more globally beneficial trends for the present and hopefully, for billions of years yet to come. 

    The first listing under the 'Outline of Topics' is, naturally enough, the Introduction to Natural Systems.  It is important to understand.  No, it is most important to understand that restructuring civilizations' structures requires a 'levels' approach to structural analysis.  The analyst makes an initial decision concerning how many levels of external structures to use.  The number of levels typically is revised repeatedly as the analyst gains more insight into the issue being addressed.  I typically begin with about five levels of external structures.  Similarly, it is important, no it is essential, that the analyst decide which systems will be involved in the analysis.  Each level of structure entails multiple systems.  I typically examine about eight systems within each level of structure that is examined.  These levels of structure and the systems that are interlocked and dynamically functioning within them are explicated in the Introduction immediately below.  This way of proceeding attempts to be true to the internal structures and processes of the person as they are shaped by each aspect of the interlocking systems within each of the levels of external structures.  For me, this has been and continues to be a very mentally demanding way to proceed.

     I first began noticing the roles that levels of external structures and their systems played in shaping the internal structures and processes of persons in the latter part of the nineteen sixties.  Over the many years after that initial insight, I began to and I continue to try to formulate how these two, the external and internal, dynamically interact.  I am still doing so today.  I do this because I found, over the course of my career, that the more thoroughly I understood these relationships, the more successful I was at reforming institutions such as adult and juvenile prisons, mental hospitals, educational programs, and community organizations.  In consequence, that success was evaluated in terms of the extent to which individuals subject to the programs of these reformed institutions grew more healthy, mature, and socially responsible.

When I was in my late teens, with having just a faint glimmer of where I eventually would be intellectually, nevertheless, I can now see what has been my single-minded mission ever since then and has been expanding throughout my life span up to the present. Underlying this mission, this life’s work, has been a deep compassion for, not just the human species, but all life on earth. Even from that early age, I could see how the ravenous, shortsighted humans were devouring and endangering the very existence of other species and ourselves along with them. It has been a lonely mental life. I cannot count on the fingers of my hands the number of people who have understood and supported what I was saying and writing. My thoughts have seemed not just eccentric but preposterous to almost everyone from beginnings throughout the journeys, except that is, until after I had been proved right or was successful. From that early age, I sensed that that would be my fate and that is what I would have to bare throughout my life. It has, of course, been worth it as I have seen the relief of so much human suffering even though neither cohorts and nor benefactors, with the exception of the tiny few, ever understood why.
        From those earliest days, my vision, my mission, gradually has been expanding until now, in retirement, it has reached its most sweeping scope. From one stage of life to another, my thinking trended in an ever more inclusive way from the interior of the mind to the evolution of global structures and systems of civilizations and the interaction between these two.  This culminated, by the early nineteen eighties, in my formulation of the ‘Duplex Pyramids’ as the icon of my Natural Systems Theory. With that all-inclusive perspective as the framework or scaffolding, I have been involved in trying to uncover the nature of the human mind and how to expand its possibilities, the way the modern media shapes our minds and interests and desires, how the media and our political system interact, what the nature of our society and culture is like in the most general sense, how the politics and economics of nations interact, how our and the world’s energy systems interact and affect international relations, why our culture is so violent and why we are so devoted to a huge and fierce military, how our legal and justice system came to be and how it has negative effects on the population, how the world’s religions affect cultures and facilitate global conflicts and war, what has shaped the characteristics of genders and how human sexuality has led to global population explosion which also leads to world conflicts over natural resources, how our culture and cultures of other nations shapes both parenting styles and educational systems, what have been the limitations of approaches to treating the mental and physical health of individuals, the what about the institutions of our culture must be changed, and, finally, trying to envision more effective ways to alter the human specie’s path toward self-annihilation.

Aside from, or rather complementing, the external structures and systems and internal structures and processes, Natural Systems has also developed and method for delineating and shaping the processes of intentionality.  Traditional psychology has rather exhaustively researched the rather circumscribed internal structures and processes of humans such as perception, memory, learning, cognition, motivation, life history, identity and self-concept, and behavior, particularly interpersonal behavior.  The processes of intentionality, as an internal system, have been given little attention.  Intentionality has been thought to be too subjective and speculative.  Natural Systems developed a model of intentionality, researched it and found it confirmed, and successfully used it in designing the programs of external structures and systems so as to shape the person's intentionality processes to induce growth toward increased physical and mental health, maturity, and social responsibility.  

    Now, in my retirement and at age seventy-seven, I am still extending the use of the Natural Systems approach to analyses of an ever broader and deeper range of cultural problems, yet still keeping the Duplex Pyramids perspective, as you will see in the essays and presentations under the fifteen topics listed below.


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Outline of Fifteen Topics
With 474 Essays by 1/1/2015


I. Thought, Perspective Taking, and Creativity

II. Media and Political Culture

III. Our Culture's Zeitgeist and Structures and Systems in Need of Reform

IV. National and World Politics and Economics

V. Energy and Environment

VI. War, Military, and Promotion of a Culture of Violence

VII. People, Human Relations, and Culture

VIII. Law, Freewill, Personal Responsibility, and Structure and Systems as Cause

IX. World Religions and Cultural Control and Conflict

X. Gender Relations, Sexuality, and Culture


For XI. through XV., ALSO go to

XI. Education, Parenting, and Training for Teen and Adult Growth in Maturity

XII. Humane Treatment for Persons, Groups, and Immigrants

XIII. A Model Juvenile Correctional Institution Program: "Stars and Stripes"

XIV. Natural System's Management Philosophy

XV. Sources for Research to Assist in Reforming the Structures and Systems of Our Culture

My Life as a Reformer from Adolescence to the Present  (Being Revised)




The Duplex Pyramids and the Model of Intentionality are the cornerstones of my Natural Systems approach to the analysis and solution of our culture's  flawed structures and systems.

1. Brief Overview of the Natural Systems Approach

2. An Extended Description of the Natural Systems Approach, Method, and Philosophy

3. Natural Systems Introduction to the Underlying Theory

4. Change from a Ptolemaic Earth-Centric to a Copernican-Centric Astronomy

Click on the underlined topics with Arabic numerals to go their respective essays.  A few essays are rough drafts or works in progress.


1. The Idealist’s Dilemma
2. Pre-Logical and Paleological Modes of Thought
3. Epistemology In The Modern World
5. Suggestions for Socially Responsible Thinking Techniques
Creativity and Managing the Conscious Mind (This PowerPoint Presentation has 135 slides and make take 2 minutes to download.  You may need to download, install, and use the PowerPoint Viewer posted just above the Outline of Topics.)
7. Shakespeare Was a Woman: Queen Elizabeth I - A Cognitive-Structural Analysis
8. Of Butterflies and Writing
How Big is the Arena of Your Mind?
Look For What You Do Not See and Listen For What You Do Not Hear
A Set of Fresh Eyes

12. Bergson's Dictum Revised
Hysterical history blindness
De-Centering Exercises
Highest Level of Intellectual Maturity

15. How Neurotransmitters and Natural Systems Interact

16. The Fault Dear Brutus Is Not To Be Found In Ourselves
Weltanschauungen and Zeitgeist

18. A Hint of the Finite Presaging a Disturbing Infinite Possibility    

19.  Processes of Intentionality Inside Your Mind  (This PowerPoint Presentation has 243 slides and make take 2 minutes to download.  You may need to download, install, and use the PowerPoint Viewer posted just above the Outline of Topics.)

19a. Processes of Intentionality Inside Your Mind  (this PowerPoint Presentation has 243 slides and make take 2 minutes to download)

20. An Inevitably Cognitively Dysfunctional Congress

21. The Body-Brain-World Connections

22. From a Meaningless World to a Meaningful World

23. What Makes This Fucked Up World Tolerable to Me

24. The Imperative Incumbent Upon Us as "Time Beings"

25. The Nascent Chinks in the Armor of Power

26. Earthly Immanence and the Ancient Eastern Soul

27. Taking Cartwheel Perspectives on Global Economics

28. The Greatest Tragedy in the Course of Evolution

28. My Cognitive and Social Activism Journey

29. The Effect of the Provincial “I”


31. THE SAGA of the OPEN MIND ARENA 6/19/2014

32. My Intellectual Interests over My Life Span 9/16/2012

33. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Bonobos South of the Congo River

35. My Solitary Existential Situation in Our Cosmos

36. My Revealing Dream-life

38. Cults- The Modern-day Psychological Reign of Terror 5/6/2013

39. Dark Side to Modern Enlightenment 4/19/2013

40. A Self-analysis Epiphany 5/15/2013

41. Overcoming Christian Anti-Sex Morality   6/25/2013

42. FROM MY MIND to a PHILOSOPHY of HUMAN NATURE  6/9/2013 (Work in Progress)

43. My Bio at age 80  7/14/2013

44. A FULL LIFE  7/22/2013

45. A Solitary Vireo  7/30/2013

46. Origins of Humans Amazingly Complex Cognition and Speech Skills  (2/17/2014)
47. Minerva's Owl Weeps Its Eerie Hoot Down the Halls of Antiquity  2/1/2014

48.  The Sickness Unto Death 4/19/2014

49. As Day Is Breaking 5/16/2014

50. My Lifelong Agony and Hope for the Future 6/11/2014 

51. Know thyself 6/29/2014

52.  Longing for Gentility 5/17/2014

53. Great Evolutionary Dilemma and Fatal Flaw 8/10/2014

54. Split Personality 2/14/2014 vs 8/14/2014

55. Living in Multiple Dimensions  5/31/2013 (Work in Progress)

56. The Innocence of Evil Work in Progress 3/12/2015)

57. How the Children of Earth Must Be Raised!  11/2/2014
Christmastide in Colorado Mountains, 12/26/2014

59.  Suggestions for Socially Respons  5/1/2009

60. Aftertaste from Yesterday 2/3/2015

61.  From Mars 2/3/2015

62. Standing Outside Society and Civ 2/5/2015



1. America's Politics as Impromptu Theatre
Ad Hominem Arguments
Bill to Outlaw Libelous and Slanderous Political Messages
A 'No Wax in the Ears' Critique of the Rhetoric of Presidential Candidates
Can You Do the Two-step?
Blogs Reflect the Nature of the Modern Mind
How the Media Prevents a People’s Revolution
Advertising: A Paradox of the ‘Best’ of Intentions and the Worst of Consequences
The New American Revolution

10. The Media as Objective Self-Critic

11. Wanted - A Neo-Saul Alinsky Needed Immediately for Culture Busting

12. Comments to the Media on the Occasion of the Israeli Commando Raid on the Gaza Bound Turkish Humanitarian Flotilla

13. Philosophy of the Essence of the Modern Mind

14. Tracing the Chain Links in the Non Zero Sum Games of Politics and Governance

15. The Blame Game: Jews, Protestants, Catholics, Muslims, Pick a Label

16. Why the Palin Political Types Are the Front-Runners in Republican Campaigns



1. My Calliope Blew Hot Air
Power and Culture in America (Work in Progress)
Proposal for Promulgating Activism Agenda (Work in Progress)
The Brilliant, Devilish, Duplicitous, Successful Agenda of the Super Rich
Caveat Emptor Policy of the Credit Card and Bank Corporations
View from the Bottom of Reagan's Shining City on the Hill
Another of America’s Dirty Little Corporate Secrets
Tilting the Balance of Power among Nations of the World
Natural Systems versus the Industrialized World
Two Ways of Viewing the Rest of the World from January 20 On
Two Paths to Transforming Our Violent World

13. Highest Level of Societal Maturity
This Fourth of July

15. Ours Is an Age of Inauthenticity

16. The Era of 'The Now Generation' Must End

17. Uncorrected Causes Equate to Ineffectual Treatments
Happy (Ironic) Thanksgiving Day

19. "Invictus" the Movie and Mandela the Man

20. New Year's Resolutions for 2010

21. The Media and Enslavement by Proxy

22. Humanitarian in the Abstract; Protestor of the Iconic

23. The Paradox of Our Modern (Dark) Age

24. I Have Seen the Future and It Is Too Late

25. Reflection on Global and Personal Connections in the So-Called ‘New World Order’

26. The Invisible Crime

27. "August" - An Allegory of Silicon Valley's Hubris

28. Myths, Apologetics, Ghost Writers, and Ideological and Religious Spin Doctors

29. A Memorial Day ‘Commemoration’ 2011

30. Cracking the Psychological Mindset of the Day

31. Time Traveler through Earth's Past and Future

32. New Year’s Eve and Ethical Resolutions for 2012

33. Contemplating Modern Existence 5/9/20132

34. The Paradigm Busters 5/15/2013

35. Ultimate Questions  6/4/2013

36. A Vignette Emblematic of the Unending Inequities of Civilizations 8/10/2013



1. Speculations about the Bush Personality and the Structure of His Presidency
Bush’s Faux Economy-August 2007

3. Open Letter to President Bush on the Coming Economic Crisis Written in 10-2004
McCain Campaign Finance Brouhaha
Presidential Debates Reveal Politicians Lack Empathy in International Relations
Dennis Kucinich: A Natural for a Neo-holistic Democratic America
Turning Red States into Blue for the 2004 and 2008 Elections
Comparing Campaign Contributions for Clinton, Obama, and McCain
Uncertainty and the Bear Market
Bush Speaks to World Economic Conference of March 2008
Preamble to a Legislative Travesty: Bailout Bill of 2008
Mother Jones 2005 Economic Report Before the Crash of 2009

12. Balance of Power among the Nations of the World (see IX. 4. below)

13. Nuclear Double Standard Redux

14. Unraveling the So-called Progress of the Last Forty Years

15. US As a Moral and Behavioral Model for the World

16. Once Slaves Now Saviors - An Irony of American History

17. Bringing a Structures and Systems Analysis to the Crisis in American History Oct 2008 to Aug 2013

18. Shaking the Foundations of American Politics and Economics

19. 'Commons Dilemma' versus the ‘Zero Sum Game Theory’ as Preferred Economic System Model

20.  Fallacy: Competition is Good and Necessary for Innovation and Progress (Work in Progress)

21. The Making of a Born-Again Socialist

22. Bellwether for Our legislative Bodies' Commitment to the People and Planet

23. Polanski's "Ghost Writer", as a Work of Genius and With Its Meta Messages, Is a Must See

24. Why This Riotous Rhetoric of the Republicans?

25. Is the Conspiracy Theory of History Correct? Well, Yes and No.

26. May 3 2010 - Gotcha! Not So Fast Wall Street Spin Doctors

27. The Girl in the Cafe (2005) or The G8 Capitulates to an Ingénue  A movie review

28. The Ideology of the Necessity of Economic Growth and the Inevitability of Extinction

29. The Tombstones of the Gulf Foreshadow the Earth as a Graveyard

30. The Original Voting System in the US  A Parody

31. Civilizations Wrong Turn Down The Road Well-traveled

32. A Recipe for a Rational Strategy for Economic Recovery

33. The Innocence of Evil   (Work in Progress) (The Failure of Government, Pop Psychology, Religion, and Existentialism, in the Final Analysis, Means There Is a Need for Vast Structural Reform in the US and globally.)

34. Flourishing on ForeclosuresOne of the Many Benefits to Corporations of the Mortgage and Finance Boondoggle (10/14/2010; see 2. above)

35. Evidence Refutes the Official 9/11 Investigation-The Scientific Forensic Facts


37. A Broader Look at the Egyptian Revolution

38. Regulation of Consumer Choices

39. A Summary Description of How Our Flawed Systems Are Interlocked

40. Global Research Articles Jan 2012 to Feb 2012

41.The Fox's Expertise Is Getting in the Henhouse.html

42. Framing the Debate on Current Crises in Civilization.htm

43. The Global War on Terrorism [the Grandest Hoax of all].htm  By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts with my annotations

44. The Nature and Destiny of Life on Earth.html

45. The Accelerating Complexity of Criminality in the Modern Global Community

46. The Ultimate Existential Dilemma of Our Future Global World

47. Intellectual Despair aside the Global Carnival

48. Karl Marx Would Be Amazed at How Successful the American Capitalists Have Been

49. I Am Comfy Well-fed and Secure  7/27/2013

50. Syria Just Another Domino  9/8/2013  See Scott Ridout's email: Scott Ridout []; I recently created an up to date resource on Arabic speaking countries that includes new countries such as South Sudan & other relevant facts. Here's the URL for that resource. )

51. The Power of the Top .0001% over the Populace of the Globe

52.  The Silent Coup de Gras of America 11/8/2014

53.  Human Evolution Is on a Two Track Trajectory for the Next Millennia  12/16/2014

54.  Speculations on the Future of the_human_species

55. The Dilemma of Democracy 6/15/2015

55.   This Is Your World History of the Universe, Earth, Species, and Civilizations 6/26/2015

56. How Should Ethical and Moral Issues Be Resolved 5/22/2015 In Progress

Israel, ISLAM and World Economics and Politics

  1. Islam: Empire of Faith

  2. Jewish-Zionist Grip on US Film and TV

  3. The Israel-Palestine Impasse--Analysis and Proposed Solution

  4. Jews versus Israelis Regarding the Status of Palestinians

  5. The Syrian Intelligence War

  6. Israeli-US Script-Divide Syria, Divide the Rest

  7. Israel Cannot Wage a War against Iran without a "Green Light" from the US

  8. NAM Summit 8-30-2012.html



1. Energy Time Lines by Years in Futuristic Projection
Why This Deafening Silence about Our Most Viable Solution to the Energy Crisis?
Salvaging Our Glorious Natural Existence
Civilization against Living Things on Earth

5. The Geo-Politics of Oil and Gas That the Media Avoids

6. Gulf Oil Spill and the Worldwide Oil Industry and Their Roles in the Prospects for Future Wars

VI. INDEX To War, Military, and Promotion of a Culture of Violence


1. Lincoln’s War Was Not Inevitable?
The Existence of a Armies Entails that the Heads of State Must Wage War (Work in Progress)
Preliminary to the Biden Plan for Iraq Withdrawal
Plan for Withdrawal from Iraq a la Joe Biden
Why Troops to Afghanistan?
Reopening the Debate about Rationale for Going to War with Iraq-Scott McClellan's Book

7. The Good Soldier (Work in Progress)

8. The Israel-Palestine Impasse

9. An Irresistible Force with an Insane Rationale

10. Recognizing the Recipe for Failure of Future National and International Efforts to Reform

11. The Transmogrification of Western Man  (Work in Progress)

12. Of Swine and Pearls of Great Price

13. Consider the Global Political Landscape and What the West Hath Wrought

14. War is Good for Business



1. The Central Characteristic of the Human Being is Care
Highest Level of Personal Maturity
The People

4. Highest Level of Interpersonal Maturity
Dear Nuts
About Stupid People
Brilliant People and Ill-Starred Ages
8. The Inner Processes of the Mind
9. Complex Implicit Parents and Conflicts of Will

10. Psychologists' See Through Lens of White Superiority Bias
Fleeting Glimpses into the Twisted Dark Hearts of Two Politicians
When Only Its Heroes and Celebrities Are Strong-A People Becomes Weak
The Egotism and Narcissism of Our Beliefs about Cause and Effect
The Personality of the Nation Revealed in a Single, Telling,  9/11 Incident

15. The Other (Being Revised)

16. The Objectionable Other.htm

17. Awakening To a New Kind of Fulfillment

VIII INDEX TO Law, Free Will, Personal Responsibility, and Structure and Systems as Cause
1. Freedom of Will is First Acknowledging How Little Freedom of Will One Has
De Jure Free Will versus De Facto Free Will and the Obsolete American Justice System
Genetics versus Personal Responsibility versus Structure of Society: Reframing the Debate
Jurisprudence in Modern America
The Ossified and Obsolete Paradigm of Social Sciences
Changing from a Person-Centric to a Structure-Centric Model of Human Behavior
Shifting the Focus from Person to Situation in Causal Attributions Related to Blame
A Plan for Restructuring the Harris County Juvenile Probation Department (1994)

9. The Psychological Effects of the Structure of Juvenile Justice and Court

10. Society's Paths of Reaction to Non-Normative Behaviors
Description of a Successful Model Juvenile Correctional Institution
Natural Systems Based Community Organization Can Transform the Justice System

        How to Organize a Community Council.xps

        Organizing Neighborhoods as an Alternative to the Justice System.htm

        How to Organize a Community Council.xps
Preconditions for a Paradigm Shift in the Justice System

14. Justice System Superseded

IX INDEX TO World Religions and Cultural Control and Conflict
1. This is the Riddle of the Ages
Remembrance of Things Past: A Major Difference Between the Middle East and the US
A Brief Contrast between Eastern and Western Religions
Global Fundamentalism and Global War  (see IV. 12. above)
The Timeliness of the Pope's Visit in Relation to the Embattled Evangelicals
Pastor Mueller, Doctor King, and Pastor Wright: a Heroic Trilogy of Truth Sayers
East vs. West Religion and Romance, Structural Analysis
Western Myth of Exclusive and Everlasting Romantic Love
Evaluation of Atheism versus Belief in God
Why Theism and Deism Are Empty Concepts
11. Significance of Ancient Religious, Legal, Literary, and Scientific Texts for the Modern World
(Work in Progress)
Theory of Evolution versus the Biblical Creation Story
Existence as a Cursed, Inseparable Bond of Hope and Dread
Existentialism and the Abyss
We Peacefully Sing the Lullaby of Lost Souls
Now and Then

17. Jesus as the Ultimate Egalitarian

18. Serenity's Minimal Requirements

19. St. Paul and the Effects of the Ignominious Schism in the Early Christian Doctrinal Traditions on US Politics and Religion (Work in Progress)

20. The Word ‘God’ – The First and Fatal Flaw in Religious Logic

21. Halloween - Before the Bone Chilling Dead of Winter


X. INDEX TO Gender Relations, Sexuality, and Culture

1. Couples Reciprocity Inventory

2. Sexuality and the Times

Pending movie reviews related to the effects of challenges to the norms for sexual relationships in modern US:

3. "The Ice Storm" (1997) movie about the negative effects of wife-swapping in 1973

4. "The Blood Oranges" (1999) movie supposedly in a timeless context but reflective of the 1970s a Movie about Non-Exclusive, Male-Female, Intimate Relationships

5. "American Swing" 2008 movie about the sexually liberated 1970s at Plato's in New York City


6. Were Governor Spitzer's Visits with a Call Girl' Inconsistent with His Prosecuting Prostitution Rings?
7. Onward Christian Soldiers
8. When Co-Dependency Goes Awry (PowerPoint)
9. Maturity in Intimate Relationships in Modern America
10. The Evolution of Human Sexuality versus Contemporary Mores (Work in Progress)
11. Ode to a Woman's Joy

12. Maturity in Intimate Relations in the Modern World

13. The Meaning of Sex, Subtitled: The Meaning of Existence Laid Bare

14. Learning Guiltless Sex in a Culture Laden with Sexual Guilt

15. Habits Hidden Under the Habit

16. What Is Innate, Natural Human Sexuality?

17. Women and Their Struggle for Full Emancipation and Sexually Coming Out of the Closet

18. Genetic Gender Blindness


The topics below are inn the process of being moved to
XI.  INDEX TO Education, Parenting, and Training for Teen and Adult Growth in Maturity

(PowerPoint Presentations may open slowly)
1. Education Reform and Solutions to School Violence  (PowerPoint)

2. Parenting Skills from the Natural Systems Perspective (Twelve Sections) (PowerPoint)
Stages in Adolescent Progression in Maturity and Categories of Highest Level of Adult Maturity

4. How the children of Earth Must Be Raised!

5. Workshop Outlines for Adolescents, Parents, Relationships, and for Organization Development
6. How the children of Earth Must Be Raised!

PowerPoint Presentations may open slowly)
1. Guided Group Psychological Help: The Natural Systems Path to Mental Health and Maturity (Fifteen Sections) (PowerPoint)
A New Paradigm for Psychological Treatment Based on Natural Systems (Work in Progress)
. Crusading for Universal Single Payer Health Care Legislation
Solution to the Illegal Immigrant (Necessary Worker) Problem
Cause and Treatment of Addictions (Work in Progress (PowerPoint)

6. The 'Summit Rumble' on Health Care- February 25, 2010


XIII. A Model Juvenile Correctional Institution Program "Stars and Stripes"
(This hyperlink opens to a table of contents with full expositions of a model youth correctional institution, The Harris County Youth Village, in Houston, Texas.  It has been  operating successfully for sixteen years.)



XIV. INDEX TO Natural System's Management Philosophy and Training Topics   (PowerPoint Graphic Files)

1. Roles in Institutions in SECTION I- LESSON 1

2. Axiom of Organizational Theory for Human Services Institutions

3. Interrelation of Eight Systems within an Encompassing Structure

4. The Natural Systems Management Philosophy PART I Participatory Management

5. The Natural Systems Management Philosophy Part II Management by Objectives Applied to Institutions.pptx

6. Objectives and Performance Evaluation

7. The Natural Systems Philosophy of Management PART III Structure and Systems.ppsx

8. Tools for the Analysis of Settings in an Institution

9. Natural Systems Use of Roles

10. Outline for Management Training in Natural Systems



XV. INDEX TO Sources for Research to Assist in Reforming the Structures and Systems of Our Culture
1. URLs Related to Politics that Have the Highest Levels of Reliability for Fact Checking (Being Revised)
Online Sources for Social Reform and Activism (Being Revised)
Two hundred + Documentary Films Relevant to the Diverse Disorders of Our Culture

4. Sources Related to Natural Bio-Geo-Socio-Eco Scientific Systems

5. Movie reviews


My Life as a Reformer from Adolescence to the Present (Being Revised)



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